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It's Better To Use Farsight Than Hindsight!
Farsight Management, Inc.
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6790 Middle Run Rd., Dover, Ohio 44622

Mold abatement mold removal black mold mold inspections mold remediation clean mold removal mold asbestos testing asbestos survey lead paint abatement lead paint inspections lead paint clearance testing  indoor air quality mold testing

We provide services to assess and remove a variety of environmental concerns in both residential homes and commercial buildings.  Our highly trained personnel address mold, lead paint, and asbestos conditions.  We treat our clients like family, our prices are competitive and our work meets all industry standards.  

We also provide lead based paint assessments for public housing and completes Clearance Testing for the future occupancy of a residence after lead based paint is stabilized or removed.

We complete Risk Assessments to determine how a person has ingested dangerous amounts of lead. We assess potential lead based paint hazards for Real Estate Agents and potential homeowners.

We also provide asbestos surveys and Operations & Maintenance Plans for public schools, businesses and residential homes. We also provide oversight for asbestos projects during demolition and asbestos testing.