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It's Better To Use Farsight Than Hindsight!
Farsight Management, Inc.
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Phone: 330-602-8338      

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6790 Middle Run Rd., Dover, Ohio 44622

 Mold Removal                    

Indoor Air Quality Testing         

 Lead Paint Removal

 Mold Assessments            

  Asbestos Surveys  

 Lead Paint Clearance Testing

 Mold Training Classes         

Floor Tile Removal                   

  Lead Paint Stabilization

Emergency Phone:330-605-2995

Mr. Rapid  uses the dry-out system for large multi-floored residential and commercial properties.

Phone: 330-364-3430

The focus of this company is to prevent or control mold contamination.  W. Wise Choice Restoration, Inc. provides services for water damage, 3rd party moisture mapping.


Pioneer Basement Solutions provides services to stop the water from entering the structure and keeps the walls from collapsing.

Phone: 330.454.8066

24-Hour Emergency Service 800-489-8071

CRDN restores textiles such as clothing, rugs, furs, leathers and drapes after fire or water losses.

These companies are contractors we refer  frequently, that we feel are competent, cost effective and customer friendly.