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Expert Witness

Farsight Management can provide expert witness testimony on indoor air quality issues, cause and origin of microbial contamination, and lead paint contamination issues.


Training Provider For:

Mold Inspections & Removal

Asbestos O&M Programs



An average 4 person family produces between 2 gallons and 4 gallons of water a day by cooking, showering, and respiration.  An average 1,000 square foot basement whose foundation walls have not been coated with a vapor retardant paint allows an average of one gallon of water per day.  This totals about 120 gallons created in a home per month.  Almost all of this must escape through the roof ventilation system. 


There are national standards for attic ventilation systems to allow the moisture in a home to escape, but often builders or architects do not allow for the air to flow through attic to purge this moisture.  We can evaluate the design of the home, the ventilation system that is currently installed, and design a better ventilation system to prevent future moisture issues.


Homes and businesses have become electrified with every gadget and appliance we need.  An electrical device and electric cord produces electrical and magnetic fields that can affect people.  A growing percentage of our population is being diagnosed with sensitivities to these electric fields. 


Farsight Management can complete Electromagnetic Surveys on residential and commercial buildings.  Reports can be provided that includes floor plans, reading values, and recommendations for reducing the exposure to these fields.



Farsight Management guarantees that your project will be completed according to current industry standards.  We will demonstrate this through a documentation report at the conclusion, and you will be secure in knowing that we completed the work properly.

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