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Farsight Management completes all mold remediation projects in accordance with the three national abatement guidelines.  These guidelines are the New York Department of Health, the USEPA, and IICRC-S520.  At the completion of each project, we provide a report that guarantees that we completed our work in accordance with these standards.


There are five steps to most mold remediation projects; first, to build critical barriers to separate the area to be abated from the rest of the building; second, to place the area under negative air pressure or install air scrubbers to control the debris that becomes airborne; third, to remove the contaminated building materials that cannot be saved, or must be removed to gain access to the problem areas; fourth, to physically remove the mold contamination from the surfaces; and fifth, to clean the containment area to a normal background condition.


1.  Construct Critical barriers to separate the area to be remediated from the building

2.  Place containment area under negative air pressure

3.  Remove the mold contaminated building materials that cannot be saved

4.  Remove the mold from the surface of building materials

5.  Clean the containment area 3 times by HEPA vacuuming and wiping with a soapy cloth



Farsight Management has completed approximately 7,000 indoor air quality assessments in residential and commercial buildings.  People spend over 90% of our time indoors so the quality of the indoor environment is critical. 


Our assessments include the attic, each floor of the building, and in the basement or crawl space.  We look for symptoms of elevated humidity, past liquid water events, and if there are changes to the building that could be made to lower the migration of moisture into the building or better ventilate the moisture that is present.


We have the full capacity to collect samples for laboratory analysis and interpret the laboratory data.  A report is provided so you can clearly understand our findings. 


Farsight Management guarantees that your project will be completed according to current industry standards.  We will demonstrate this through a documentation report at the conclusion, and you will be secure in knowing that we completed the work properly.

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