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Asbestos surveys are required by the State of Ohio or the Federal Government to assure the safety of the public.  There are many rules for both residential and commercial buildings that must be followed. 


An asbestos survey consists of collecting samples of building materials for laboratory analysis to determine the presence of asbestos above threshold values.  Although residential homes focus on construction prior to 1978, for commercial buildings the age of construction does not exempt the requirement of an asbestos survey prior to remodeling or demolition. 


Farsight Management has completed hundreds of asbestos surveys for builders, property management companies, private homeowners, commercial building owners, and municipalities.  We also provide third party oversight of asbestos abatement activities by a contractor to assure they comply with OSHA regulations.



There are few ways that we perform asbestos maintenance 


1.  Removal or repair of damaged or deteriorated HVAC duct work tape/wrap and boiler pipe insulation:

These items are typically left in place and repaired with an EPA approved WetLag® and seal with an EPA approved encapsulant. Abatement (complete removal) of these materials can be costly and may create a condition that causes the asbestos fibers to become airborne, potentially contaminating the entire home (if not completed by a professional), therefore leaving them in place and reducing any human contact exposure is an acceptable work practice. Asbestos exposure to these materials is likely an can be dangerous when disturbing the material. The material is soft and can be pulverized to a powder by hand pressure (this is considered a FRIABLE asbestos material)


2.  Removal of flooring and mastic:

The most common floor tile that typically contains asbestos is 9”x9” and 10”x10”, however it is encouraged to always assume the material does contain asbestos, regardless of the size or age of the floor tile, or test the material to prove the absence of asbestos in the material. The black mastic (glue adhesive)also may contain asbestos. Asbestos exposure from these types of material is low (very minimal) the material cannot be pulverized to powder by hand pressure (this is a NONFRABLE asbestos material). The asbestos fibers are within the matrix of the tile itself and can only become airborne (causing an inhalation hazard) by grinding the material into a powder, this is done by drilling, grinding, power cutting though or burning the material for some reason and is not recommended without proper training and equipment.


Sheet flooring (vinyl/linoleum) may also contain asbestos as well. The asbestos can either be in the vinyl/linoleum or in the backing. Most commonly, the paper backing of the older types flooring has been found to contain asbestos


Building materials sometimes contain asbestos that is not regulated by the State of Ohio.  This is when the material is not considered friable either in place or when it is removed. 

Farsight Management can remove non-regulated asbestos containing materials such as floor tile.  Our clients include homeowners, schools, hospitals, and other commercial facilities. 

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When Farsight Management applies an antimicrobial coating at the end of a project, the manufacturer of the product provides a 25 year warranty that mold will not regrow on the treated surfaces.  The warranty is void if the original cause of the elevated moisture that led to the mold growth has not been corrected.  This warranty is provided by the manufacturer and not Farsight Management; we are not responsible for regrowth.  The warranty certificate will be provided with the abatement report.



If Farsight Management has recommended changes to the ventilation system of the attic, and those changes have been made, FARSIGHT will warrant that mold will not grow in the attic for two years after the abatement has been completed.


Farsight Management guarantees that the mold has been removed in accordance with national mold abatement standards.  We will provide an abatement report at the end of a project that will consist of a statement of completion, daily activity logs, photographs, and SDS sheets.