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By the 1970s, the dangers of lead paint became increasingly evident. Research showed that lead paint was causing serious health problems, especially in children. In response, the United States banned the use of lead paint in residential buildings in 1978. Despite this ban, many homes in the US still contained lead paint, and millions of children had already been exposed to lead and suffered from its toxic effects.

Today, the dangers of lead paint are well known, and efforts are underway to reduce lead exposure. The US government has implemented strict regulations to control the use of lead paint, and many organizations are working to educate the public about the dangers of lead and how to reduce exposure. Despite these efforts, lead paint continues to pose a threat to public health, and much work remains to be done to protect Americans from its toxic effects.


Farsight Management can complete inspections for lead paint, provide recommendations for addressing potential issues, and prepare maintenance plans to manage the remodeling, cleaning and repairs of a home to prevent lead contamination exposure.  In addition, we can address contamination issues on properties that have had a lead contamination Compliance Order issued by the State of Ohio.


Farsight Management guarantees that your project will be completed according to current industry standards.  We will demonstrate this through a documentation report at the conclusion, and you will be secure in knowing that we completed the work properly.

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