The use of lead based paint was stopped in 1978 for use in residential homes.  This, there are millions of homes in America that have lead based paint on building surfaces. 


Farsight Management can complete inspections for lead paint, provide recommendations for addressing potential issues, and prepare maintenance plans to manage the remodeling, cleaning and repairs of a home to prevent lead contamination exposure.  In addition, we can address contamination issues on properties that have had a lead contamination Compliance Order issued by the State of Ohio.


Lead Paint Inspections

Lead Paint Clearance Testing

Lead Paint Assessments for Real Estate Transfer

Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Guidelines

Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Compliance Orders



When Farsight Management applies an antimicrobial coating at the end of a project, the manufacturer of the product provides a 25 year warranty that mold will not regrow on the treated surfaces.  The warranty is void if the original cause of the elevated moisture that led to the mold growth has not been corrected.  This warranty is provided by the manufacturer and not Farsight Management; we are not responsible for regrowth.  The warranty certificate will be provided with the abatement report.



If Farsight Management has recommended changes to the ventilation system of the attic, and those changes have been made, FARSIGHT will warrant that mold will not grow in the attic for two years after the abatement has been completed.


Farsight Management guarantees that the mold has been removed in accordance with national mold abatement standards.  We will provide an abatement report at the end of a project that will consist of a statement of completion, daily activity logs, photographs, and SDS sheets.